Stolen Webinar
Stolen Webinar

45 Minutes Invested:  A lifetime of extra profits for you!

Stolen Selling Secrets That Can Add to YOUR Profits!

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If you want to make money either online or offline by working on the internet, there is one thing you MUST do!

You must SELL!

A nasty word to so many people - but let's get real...Nothing happens until somebody sells something!

Whether you're affiliate marketing, creating products, or even just getting ad clicks on your sites, you still need to 'sell' your visitors on the idea of following your call to action! 

So, isn't it time you discovered what professional salespeople the world over learns? Thanks to a 'Stolen Webinar' you can do that.

Check out the all-important Steps to Making Selling SIMPLE.

After a presentation of the 7 SIMPLE Steps to selling for a high-ticket coaching course was done, Randy decided to release it as a dimesale to benefit the whole community! So RUN, don't walk over to this link.

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If you pick up just ONE useful tip, you're sure to be very glad of the 45-minute investment you made in Listening or Reading the Transcript PDF. And yes - it's all broken down in SIMPLE terms for all of us who hate selling 🙂

Make Selling SIMPLE for Yourself!

If you're making a profit from your internet business, go here and invest under $10 to get the details & tips that will simply add more profits to your business!

It's rare that a marketer actually gives so much valuable content in the product summary! This means even those who don't buy can learn some extremely valuable tips.

And those who value their business enough to invest the $10 and 45 minutes - will get the details too, with examples and solid reasoning behind each of the steps!

Check these Testimonials 

The verdict is in -- The Stolen Webinar is one of the best and most effective products in IM so far...

"This is the type of product I prefer - not something that promises I can make $xxx in yyy hours, but a presentation full of tips that I can easily implement in my business. I was able to use one of the steps in both my offline business to get orders that I otherwise wouldn't have had."

"You can do the same, and this product applies to any business whatever your niche. That by itself is worth far more than the small investment."

Thanks again,



"It was created with you in mind...This is the product I wish I had back when I was starting would have saved me a TON of money, time, energy, and heartbreak...

"You can avoid the mistakes I made...these secrets work fast and easy, now that all the complex detours and roadblocks have been removed for you...And they're keeping the Webinar & PDF affordable... if you get it today, (though I don't know how long it will be kept so low)."

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Because I know when you're just starting out, you can't afford the high-priced complicated programs the "gurus" are pushing on you...Well, this was 'Stolen' from one high ticket program that every member loves... But for those who can't invest right now, this will get you to that point a heck of a lot quicker! Many people are making back the purchase price on the first day...

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"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your "7 Steps to Professional Selling Webinar", you've successfully taken a topic that has too often been over complicated and broken it down into a series of simple steps that anyone should be able to follow."

"It can be easy to forget that many techniques for being a successful salesperson have been around for years and doing the simple things well is going to be more lucrative than following the latest and greatest-selling trends that are designed purely to dazzle people into buying from you."

"And I particularly enjoyed your closing where you reminded us that all that people should be at the heart of our business and our approach to selling. If that's the only thing that viewers take away from what you shared it'll make a difference to the way they market Online and that can only be a good thing."

Kind regards,

Stefan Dyke

Here's what's covered in this Webinar and PDF:

A webinar recorded presentation of the ‘7 steps to professional selling’

With a pdf transcript included. This value-packed product will benefit EVERYONE who makes money online, as a guide to learn from or simply to gain more understanding of the sales process every single money-making method employs at some point or other.

Step 1 - Product Knowledge:Why this is number 1 of the 7 when many seem to do well with very little knowledge!Step 2 - Prospecting:Why this is a MAJOR KEY to your online marketing, And WHY you need to know more on this BEFORE you even think about writing a sales page!Step 3 - Your Approach:How YOU and Your Tools can have a MASSIVE IMPACT on the failure or success of your site before you even have a page written!Step 4 - Establishing Needs:Discovering the "Nodding Dog Syndrome" & using it to identify and establish a need for your products! - Even how to 'Sell Sand to an Arab' is covered in this section!Step 5 - Presentation:Not step 1 as so many assume, discover why not, and how it fits here perfectly, as well as what you should be covering! (Also Covered - Ammunition - where it came from and how to use it!)Step 6 - Closing the Sale:Includes SEVEN offline techniques and how they adapt online ... Has anyone used any of these on you lately? - 'The Alternate Choice', 'The Assumptive', 'The Show House', 'The Ben Franklin' (a.k.a. The Churchill in the UK), 'The Half Nelson' (a.k.a. The Boomerang), 'Higher Authority', 'The First-Call Discount'.Step 7 - Consolidation (Following Through):NO - It most definitely doesn't end at the sale... So, what's next? (Cutting down 'Buyer's Remorse' & Maximizing profits for the long term.

The Problem

The problem is that when most people try to get their first online business going, they think too much...

You can think, and agonize, and deliberate, and ponder, and contemplate until the cows come home...

But sitting around thinking won't make you a single penny online...

The Solution

The key is taking action!

And action is what over 95% of people don't with a single click of your mouse, you can immediately jump to the upper 5% of Internet Marketers...

Remember, Action Takers are the ones who win. And YOU can join the Winners Circle Today.

With these 7 Simple steps, you can add $$$$'s to your profits from day one!

So, what's stopping you now?

Check it out and discover the simple steps YOU can finally take and implement today!

What's More, Any Risk Has Been Removed with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

So, there's zero risk to you in all this... And absolutely no reason not to take action...

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